Always One Step Ahead

YTS practices a systemic production line in order to continue to strive for global standard  requirements at the same time increasing local production lines. Through modern technology systems and support, YTS is capable of producing XX tonnes of steel production daily.


Raw Material

Low carbon steel from various steel mils, commonly known as wire rods, are used as product materials. Raw materials are graded according to SIRIM standards.




Cold Rolling Process

The metal piece is being reshaped by passing it through rollers under high temperature. This process increases the yield strength, hardness and durability of a metal piece by introducing defects into the metal crystal structures.




Wire Straightening & Cutting Process

The cold rolled wire rods are passed through cartridge and preset units where the wire rods and initially straightened and then cut to preferred length and design automatically.



Step 4

Auto Welding Process

Wires are welded together in square or rectangular grids using the automatic welding machine by electric resistance in an automated state of the art machine which control welding parameters.



Step 5

Finished Mesh

Before delivery, the finished products will be either rolled or bended to save delivery space.



Step 6

Quality Checking

Upon completed, our supervisor will go through quality checking on each finished mesh to ensure the strengthen and on right specification.

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